Rederij Plas has always been committed to making the fleet more sustainable.


Rederij Plas has always committed to making the fleet more sustainable. Ab Kooij started that over 25 years ago. In 1996, the company started using Biodiesel, however, that soon proved to be at the espense of the crops grown for food. That is why, in 2010, Ab Kooij decided in 2010 to experiment with GTL. GTL is liquid gas, made of natural gas. But an ever cleaner solution would present itself. Since 2013, our boats have been sailing on Ssynfuel+.

The environment benefits from renewable fule with as little CO2 emissions as possible. Ssynfuel+ is the first synthetic organic fuel that fully nites the world of environment & technology.

Ssynfuel+ is partly made from waste products from biomass, oils and fats, but also from vegetable oils and fats.

Ssynfuel+ is producerd and delivered under the ISCC-EU certificate. This means that the production of this fuel has no adverse effects on the feed chain, nature and environmental and social aspects; such as equal rights for every man and child.

Ssynfuel+ reduces CO2 emissions from 50% to 90% compared to mineral diesel fuel.

Ssynfuel+ is fully biodegredable when it ends up in the soil or surface water. It causes no permanent damage to nature and the enviroment. Ssynfuel+ is a low emission fuel.

In addition to this fuel, Rederij Plas has also fitted boats with new engines and particulate filters and is experimenting with electric engines.

Every year, maintenance is performed to all boats during the winter months. Both the interior and exterior.

In summary, a company that is active year-round.

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